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Simple is compliant
Simple is smart
Simple is med-legal
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Simplexam is medical-legal practice management software that provides access to all the services necessary to complete a medical-legal claim. Simplexam’s claim tracking system keeps your practice compliant with state specific Workers’ Compensation regulations and fees.

Save Money & Time

Simplexam organizes and streamlines day-to-day processes so that you can focus on billable work and revenue growth. >Learn more

Administrative Services

Our SimpleServices™ provide on-demand access to record summary, e-billing, transcription & compilation, mailing and history over the phone. >Learn more

New Medical-Legal Fee Schedule

Bill accurately and never miss a deadline! Simplexam has fully assimilated the 2021 Medical-Legal Fee Schedule. >Get Started


There has never been a tool like Simplexam before. Never.

Finally! You can manage your entire medical-legal practice from a single location, saving you time and money.

  • No installation and no more user updates
  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Full claim management from a single location
  • Secure environment

Manage cases, generate forms, and mail documents.

Day-to-day processes have never been so simple! Our SimpleServices™ take the pain out of monotonous and frustrating tasks like completing, printing and mailing state required forms. Managing multiple user accounts with record summary and billing companies. Continually contacting medical historians and transcriptionists.

Have an expert assess your medical-legal practice’s needs. Schedule a Demo