Important changes to Telehealth reimbursement rates

It’s important to stay on top of regulatory changes and Simplexam has got you covered.

One of the changes made this year regarding Place of Service affects reimbursement rates for psychological testing conducted via telehealth if the patient is seen anywhere other than his/her home or the Examiner’s office.

If the patient is seen in his/her home via telehealth, the examiner is reimbursed 100% (just as if the exam was held at the examiner’s office).

However, if the patient is seen via telehealth outside of his/her home (e.g. at an attorney’s office), the examiner will be reimbursed as if the exam were conducted at a facility. When calculating the reimbursement amount, the billable rate is less than an office visit because the practice expense does not apply at a facility.

Always be sure to select the correct service type to receive maximum reimbursement.

In the Simplexam app, you can do this via the “Service Type” dropdown menu.

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