Boost QME Medical-Legal Bill Approval with these Helpful Tips from our Simplexam Billing Expert

Pursuant to Title 8CCR §9793(l&n), when submitting a bill, providers should always include: 

In the rare instance where there is no advocacy letter, providers can supply the “Request for the QME.” Sometimes that might just be an email or fax. 

When billing for no-shows, billers should include the request to cancel the appointment. Even if that request was made via email, providers can still attach it as a supporting document to their no-show bill. Having the correspondence from the parties supports the bill for the no-show.  

If a party calls to cancel an appointment or reschedule, ALWAYS get it in writing, because a call does not offer tangible proof of a request. The request to cancel or reschedule a QME can be used in place of a report when submitting your bill.   

If an injured worker or interpreter fails to show for a QME, the Simplexam program generates a letter that can be used as supporting evidence when submitting your bill. Simplexam document workflow ensures required documents for billing are available to be included with the final report.  

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