Introducing Simplexam Email Service

In today’s medical-legal world where the growth of QME examiners outpaces the number of QME panels, efficiency and simplicity are paramount. Handling billing claims, ensuring compliance, and facilitating communication between management and insurance companies can be a complex and time-consuming process.  

Fortunately, Simplexam now offers email service in compliance with DWC Regulation 36.7 Electronic Service of Medical-Legal Reports by Medical Evaluators. This service provides a digitally secure, cost-effective alternative to traditional paper mailing for Qualified Medical Evaluators (QMEs) and management companies. 

Transitioning from traditional paper mailing to email communication not only reduces costs but also significantly accelerates the claim lifecycle while ensuring compliance with legal requirements.  

Let’s delve into how you can leverage Simplexam for all your email service needs. 

Step 1: Sign Electronic Release 

The first step is to sign an electronic release. This release authorizes the exchange of medical-legal documents, reports, and communications via email, ensuring all parties involved are in agreement with the transition to electronic communication. This electronic release serves as a legally binding document, outlining the terms and conditions governing the exchange of information through email. 

Step 2: Partner with Simplexam 

Once the electronic release is signed, the next step is to partner with Simplexam, which offers a digital notification service tailored to the needs of med-legal. Simplexam’s platform is designed to simplify the claim lifecycle, ensuring seamless communication and compliance.  

By partnering with Simplexam, QMEs and management companies gain access to a user-friendly interface that streamlines the exchange of information, eliminates paper clutter, and enhances overall efficiency. 

Now let’s run through the numbers: 

For each exam, the QME must issue an Appointment Notification and a Final Report to a minimum of 3 parties: the injured worker, claims administrator, and attorneys.  

If a management company bills for 50 QME exams each month, this is what their savings would look like:

But the benefits of Simplexam Email Service extend beyond just cost savings. Here are some other key advantages: 

Simplexam’s Email Service offers a simple yet powerful solution to streamline communication, ensure compliance, and drive continuous improvement. By embracing technology and partnering with innovative companies like Simplexam, QMEs and management companies can navigate the complexities of the claim lifecycle with ease, ultimately delivering better outcomes for all stakeholders involved.  

Experience the future of medical-legal communications with Simplexam’s Email Service today. 

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